User Guide

If quantum physics sounds challenging to you, you are not alone. All of our intuitions are based on day-to-day experiences and are defined by classical physics — so most of us find the concepts in quantum physics counterintuitive at first. In order to comprehend the quantum world, you must let go of your beliefs about our physical world, and develop an intuition for a completely different (and often surprising) set of laws.

Our goal with the IBM Q Experience is to introduce this world through a set of short tutorials in our User Guide, and by providing the hands-on opportunity to experiment with operations on a real quantum computing processor. This way, we hope to foster a quantum intuition in the greater community, and spark further interest in those who are curious. By making quantum concepts more widely understood — even on a general level — we can more deeply explore all the possibilities quantum computing offers, and more rapidly bring its exciting power to a world whose perspective is limited by classical physics.